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Choosing your course unit

Is there something that really interests you? A topic that you haven't had the opportunity to study before?

UCIL offers you the opportunity to choose a course unit, from a broad range of topics, that you can study as part of your undergraduate degree.

UCIL course units draw upon the best teaching talent across the institution and employ innovative teaching, learning and assessment models.

Not sure where to start?:

  • Look at the different course units on offer each semester. Many course units have a short introductory video by the lecturer giving you an overview of the unit;
  • Explore by theme. We've grouped each course unit into one of 6 themes;
  • Search by skill in Semester 1 or Semester 2. For each course unit we have highlighted some key skills you will develop. If you are keen to develop a specific skill eg Leadership or Communication, you can use the search function in the course units section. As with all academic units, most UCIL course units will enable you to develop academic skills including critical thinking, research and written communication;
  • Choose a unit leading to a UCIL Programme or Challenge. UCIL offers 3 prestigious options linked to a selection of course units which will give your CV an extra boost.

Most UCIL units are open to undergraduate students with a free choice option in any year of study. However, there are some exceptions and you should always check with your School or programme regulations to ensure that you are eligible for the unit you would like to study.

We suggest that searching by skills OR theme rather than skills AND theme will produce better results.

See individual course unit pages for information on eligibility and how to register.

For a step by step guide to course unit enrolment click here.

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