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Manchester Leadership Award (MLP)

The Manchester Leadership Award combines Leadership in Action academic units with extra-curricular volunteering and is part of the flagship Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP).

Here you will find an overview of the MLP, the Award requirements and how to apply. Current students can also access their My MLP account.

The MLP is unique to the University of Manchester, and combines theory and real-world practice, to provide you with the opportunity to enhance your university experience, while giving something back to the wider community.

The programme can also helps you to develop the skills and experiences that graduate employers seek.

Through the programme's academic units, students

  • gain insights into the challenges facing 21st century society;
  • work with students from across the university;
  • explore how change happens, who makes it happen, and what this tells us about 21st century leadership;
  • learn directly from leading University of Manchester academics and high profile leaders from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Through the volunteering element of the programme, students

  • apply learning about leadership in real-world, practical contexts;
  • meet new people, develop new skills;
  • give something back to the wider community.

Students who successfully complete both programme elements receive the prestigious Manchester Leadership Award (Bronze, Silver or Gold)

Leadership Award requirements

To achieve the Manchester Leadership Award you will be required to complete:

1. A 10 or 20 credit 'Leadership in Action' University College unit (five to choose from):

  • Lecture Based units (semester 1 or 2) UCOL20021/20022
  • Online units (semester 1 or 2) UCOL20031/ 20032
  • 20 Credit unit (both semesters, lecture based unit+individual research project) UCOL20020

2. 20, 40 or 60 hours of approved volunteering, leading to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

As an MLP student you will have an entire ‘volunteering year’ to complete your volunteering and will have access to a personalized ‘My MLP’ account, through which you will log and evidence your volunteering.

Our Volunteering team will help you find suitable volunteering opportunities and also offer tailored opportunities for MLP students in a wide range of volunteering including: environmental campaigns; sports volunteering; mentoring young people; fund raising and much more. Full details of volunteering criteria and dates are available on the MLP Volunteering homepage.

How to apply for the MLP

Apply now for places on the 2015-16 units.

Acceptance onto the MLP is competitive, so all prospective students need to apply. Students or academic schools cannot register students directly.

You must apply by completing the online application form.

Once your application has been accepted we will register you on your chosen unit and email you to confirm

If you have any problems completing the application form please contact us on 0161 275 2851, or via

If you are an MHS student that is required to take UCOL20031 or UCOL20032 as a mandatory part of your degree programme then a place has been reserved for you. However you do still need to complete the application form in order to set up your My MLP account.

**School of Dentistry Students - You will be offered only the UCOL20032 option when you access the application form. Please just select this option and the MLP Team will ensure you are registered on the correct semester 1 unit.**

Before you apply

  • If you apply for the MLP you should be committed to undertaking the voluntary work.
  • You should check your eligibility with your academic school for the available Leadership in Action academic units. You may need to seek permission from your Programme Director.
  • Note that the MLP is only available to University of Manchester undergraduate students.
  • If you need to change the unit applied for should please email your request to

MY MLP: Current students access your account below.

I would recommend the MLP to anyone. It’s a diverse programme that allowed me to address and get involved in many different things that I would not have considered or been able to achieve alone.MLP Student feedback

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