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Manchester Leadership Programme: Leadership in Action Lecture Based

Course Code

UCIL20021 - 10 credit lecture based

UCIL20020 - 20 credit (2 semesters long)

Course details

Leadership in Action units aim to help you understand what it means to be a leader in the 21st century. The units explore complex current problems and ask how does change happen? Who makes it happen? What does that tell us about leadership and how we do it?

Leadership in Action units provide you with the tools to critically evaluate models and approaches to leadership and to apply those to a range of 21st century problems, such as poverty and inequality; environmental sustainability; ethics and responsibility. The units will also help you to develop a toolkit of transferable skills that will boost your employability.

You will hear from leaders who are influencing change in the world around you, including some of the university's leading academics and high profile leaders from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

You can choose to take Leadership in Action lecture based units either as a 10 credit unit, or 20 credit unit which begins in semester 1 and runs over 2 semesters.

A lecture based unit is also available in semester 2 and the online units are also available in both semester 1 and semester 2.

The Leadership in Action Units are part of the Manchester Leadership Programme. Students who successfully complete the LIA unit and 20, 40 or 60 hours of approved volunteering will receive the Manchester Leadership Award (Bronze, Silver or Gold).

To watch a short video on this unit, click on this link:

Leadership in Action


  • Mark Batey
  • Colette Cooke
  • Sam Hemsley
  • Sian Yeowell

Course structure

  • Level: 2
  • Credit Load: 10 or 20
  • Schools: Student Development & Community Engagement Division


  • Lecture Based Unit: Group ePoster (50%); Assessed Discussions (40%); Online Multiple Choice Test (10%).
  • 20 credit unit: Sem 1 Group ePoster; Assessed Discussions; Online Multiple Choice Test (50%); Sem 2 Individual Project Report on a current leadership problem (3,500 to 4,000 words) (50%).

For more information about the units please visit:

Learning outcomes

Knowledge & Understanding

  • understand and critically evaluate a range of different models and theories of leadership
  • relate models and theories of leadership to personal practice and context
  • identify ways in which leaders influence change in a range of contexts
  • appreciate different styles of leadership within a cultural context

Intellectual Skills

  • develop critical evaluation skills through the analyses of models and theories of leadership
  • develop reflective learning skills through the application of models and theories to personal context
  • critically evaluate different leadership approaches to social, economic and environmental sustainability

Practical Skills

  • understand, reflect on and evaluate, their own leadership style using a variety of tools
  • appreciate how to apply leadership skills in an academic and occupational context
  • work effectively as part of a team and appreciate cultural diversity
  • contribute effectively to electronically-mediated discussions and debates

Transferable skills and personal qualities

  • understand themselves and their leadership styles
  • understand the styles, preferences and tendencies of others and how these impact upon management and employability
  • demonstrate skills that contribute to effective leadership, including team working, influencing, critical thinking and communication skills


  • Leadership in Action units are available to take on programmes which have 'free choice' options available to them, (i.e. programmes which allow you, as part of the degree programme, to take a number of credits from subject areas outside of your home school).
  • Check your eligibility with your academic school for the available Leadership in Action academic units.
  • Registration for Leadership in Action has changed and you can now self service enrol in the same way as other course units via the student system. If you are experiencing difficulties enrolling please contact your school or and we will help you to enrol.


Lecture Based & 20 Credit Units (UCIL20020 & 21)
1 - 12Tuesday16:00 - 18:00

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