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Body Health and Well Being

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  • Level: 2
  • Credit Load: 10
  • School/s: Manchester Medical School


Understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle is relevant to everyone, yet even more so to students. Nutritional education and the comprehension of potential disease risks associated with poor diet and life style are very important and play a huge part in a person's health, mentally and physically. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what can be damaging or beneficial to the body and also the reasons why!

Preventable diseases, such as obesity and diabetes are already impacting societies, therefore, enlightening you to various health issues and their underlying causes, will result in producing an healthier, as well as an educated future workforce. This course unit aims to prompt you to assess your own life style and develop an understanding of the human body, its basic composition, structure and function. It will also emphasise the effects of poor and healthy life styles by monitoring your own health parameters in a laboratory.


Summary of Learning Outcomes

  • Have a basic knowledge of the human body and its functioning
  • Acquire an understanding of the energy and nutritional requirements of the human body
  • Understand how life style parameters e.g. eating, drinking, exercise, use/abuse of alcohol and other chemicals/drugs can affect health and well-being
  • Appreciate the prevalence of Global Health Issues in the rise of obesity and diabetes to near epidemic levels.
  • Use of laboratory equipment to measure your own fitness
  • Learn optimum values of human body parameters
  • Use of Problem Based Learning



  1. MCQ Paper - 50%
  2. Written Report - 50%


This course is only open to undergraduate students.

University College course units are available to take on programmes which have 'free choice' options available to them, (i.e. programmes which allow you, as part of the degree programme, to take a number of credits from subject areas outside of your home school). As these courses are credit bearing, you must enrol by following the standard procedure for your school when adding units outside of your home school.

If you are not sure whether you will be able to enrol in University College courses, please contact your School Undergraduate Office to find out whether these options are available for your degree programme.


Dr Harbans Sharma

Anne-Marie Smith

Dr Jospehine Naish

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