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Health, Development and People: The Global Journey Towards Health for All

Course Code

UCIL30232 (10 Credits)

UCIL30732 (20 Credits)

Course Details

  • 10 & 20 Credits
  • Level 2
  • Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine


The twentieth century witnessed the most fundamental changes in global healthcare. In Britain it gave birth to the National Health Service (NHS), which ensured free access to healthcare, irrespective of people's ability to pay for it. Globally, in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, health was aligned to questions of poverty, nutrition, maternity and children's health and rural development. It involved developing rural health services, medical education, hospitals and dispensaries, indigenous medicine, paramedical training, family welfare, primary health centres, health education and community health volunteers.

This unit will introduce students to the global movements around health, development and universal healthcare in the post-World War 2 era. It will analyse the various national projects in Europe, Latin America and Asia to tackle problems of poverty, malnutrition, sanitation, medical infrastructure and curative and preventive health measures in rural and urban areas. It will introduce students to the roles of the state, the civil society, individuals in establishing and delivering public healthcare.


Summary of Learning Outcomes

Students will be able:

  • to show an appreciation of historical approaches to public health
  • to demonstrate a knowledge of the chronology of the various challenges facing global healthcare
  • to have a critical appreciation of the debates surrounding the various global models of public health and universal health coverage
  • to take part in informed discussions on these topics and issues
  • to reflect critically on the changing role of public health in society and government policies



10 credits:

1. 1500 word essay (50%)

2. Two hour exam (50%)

20 credits:

1. 1500 word essay (25%)

2. 3000 word project report (50%)

3. Two hour exam (25%)


This course is only open to undergraduate students.

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