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Introduction to British Sign Language - Part 2

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  • Level: 2
  • Credit Load: 10
  • School: University Language Centre


This course unit is for students who have successfully completed British Sign Language Part 1. In Part 2, you continue to develop your ability to communicate with Deaf people in a range of familiar and work-related contexts. You will further develop your knowledge of signs, fingerspelling, phrases and grammatical structures. You will gain further practice in signing, so that you are able to participate in everyday communicative situations with members of the Deaf community.

The course unit may be of particular value for students seeking a career in health or education, or for those who have contact with deaf people through work, friends or family. It may also be of intrinsic interest to linguists. After completion of the course unit, there is an optional opportunity for you to take Signature BSL level 1 to gain a national accreditation. However, for this you will need to make your own arrangement and payment for examination with Manchester Deaf Centre.


Summary of Learning Outcomes



  1. Independent project: 1,000 words project (hand-in week 12) - A reflective report based on an interaction between yourself and a Deaf person/people and a visit to Deaf event.
  2. Presentation (weeks 9/10): 25%. 3-5 minutes recording self-production in BSL (choose a theme to present information in BSL).
  3. Comprehension (week 11): 25%: Written test in two parts that involves a) writing sentences from signed phrases in BSL, and b) answering questions from a signed story in BSL.
  4. Practical interactive tasks (week 12): 30%. Discuss a chosen theme and engage in simple spontaneous conversation with a deaf person.


This unit is only available to students who have successfully completed British Sign Language Part 1.

Due to the nature of this course, there is very strict (100%) attendance policy.

In order to apply, please visit the University Language Centre website:

You are strongly recommended to read the Frequently Asked Question section of their website before you apply to understand the requirements of the course and ensure you are registered successfully as the process differs to other University College course units.


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Teaching and Learning Methods


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