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Introduction to Spoken Mandarin Chinese

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  • Level: 1
  • Credit Load: 10
  • School/s: University Language Centre


This course is designed for students who wish to move quickly through the fundamentals of Chinese grammar while developing some basic communicative skills. It aims to teach students simple structures, lexis and phrases which will enable them to communicate simply but effectively in a range of situations in China (e.g. talking about yourself and your family, shopping for everyday items, talking about the time and dates).

Reading and writing Chinese characters is not covered, though some time is given to developing recognition of commonly seen characters and signs. Students will be expected to use the range of resources available to them in the Language Centre and to communicate with native speakers wherever possible in order to consolidate and further develop your skills and to gain cultural understanding.


Summary of Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to handle some of the basic grammatical structures of Mandarin Chinese
  • Communicate orally in a limited number of social occasions
  • By the end of the course, students should be able to perform at Level A1 (Speaking and Listening) of the Common European Framework.



  1. One written test (35%)
  2. One oral test (35%)
  3. One aural test (30%)

The written and aural tests will take place in week 11, the oral test in week 12


This course is only open to undergraduate students.

In order to apply, please visit the University Language Centre website:

You are strongly recommended to read the Frequently Asked Question section of their website before you apply to understand the requirements of the course and ensure you are registered successfully as the process differs to other University College course units.

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