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UCIL courses

All UCIL units conform to the highest academic standards and operate in line with University regulations, policies and procedures. The UCIL Academic Board monitors standards and consistency across the course unit portfolio and serves as an examination board.

Proposers for UCIL units are asked to consider certain questions as part of their proposal:

  • Is this unit innovative in curriculum and/or assessment design and delivery?
  • Can the teaching team demonstrate high teaching standards?
  • Has the team considered how the cultural assets of the University and the City might be integrated into the unit?

At the heart of UCIL are those course units that truly bridge disciplines. These units focus on big issues and global challenges drawing on multiple perspectives and are designed so that students from all parts of the University can participate without being unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged by their pre-existing knowledge or understanding of a specific discipline.

There are also course units that showcase individual disciplines to the wider student body and which draw on specific disciplinary traditions. These units exclude students from disciplines closely aligned to the subject of the unit as they would be unfairly advantaged in comparison to students from a radically different disciplinary background.

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