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How do I know if I am eligible to take Programme or Challenge?

If you are eligible for a relevant course unit, then you are eligible.

If unsure, please contact your School to confirm which units you are eligible to take. You will then need to follow the application guidance for the Programme or Challenge you are interested in.

Can postgraduates take an Award?

Unfortunately, like the UCIL units, the UCIL Programmes and Challenges are only offered to undergraduate students at the University of Manchester.

Will I gain academic credits for extra-curricula activities?

No. You do not earn academic credits for the extra-curricular activities, such as MLP volunteering. You only get academic credits for the assessed work you complete as part of the course-units.

The Programme or Challenge achieved will be detailed in your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR), which forms part of the academic transcript you will receive on graduation.

How can I find out more about the extra-curricula activities?

The extra-curricula activity requirements are different for each Programme or Challenge. Full details can be found in the respective sections of this site.

What happens if I don't complete the extra-curricula activities?

If you don't complete the extra-curricula activities relevant, you will still receive your mark for the unit, but will not be eligible to receive the Programme or Challenge.

Do credits from the units count towards my degree?

Yes. All UCIL units you take will count towards your degree classification, in the same way as other academic course units offered within your school.

What happens if I don't pass the unit?

Students who do not pass the academic unit are not eligible to receive the relevant Programme or Challenge. Decisions relating to students’ opportunities to re-sit the unit, or to progress with a compensatory fail, will be taken by students’ schools.

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