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Science & Society

As we see science and technology continue to progress, these course units examine the effects this can have on the social landscape. We offer introductions to scientific disciplines, while also investigating how science and society are integrated.

  • Bioethics: Contemporary Issues in Science and Biomedicine: S02
  • Body, Health and Well-Being: S02
  • Crisis of Nature: Critical Issues in Environmental History: S02
  • Digital Society: S02
  • From Cholera to AIDs: A Global History of Epidemics: S01
  • From Sherlock Holmes to CSI: A History of Forensic Medicine: S01
  • Health, Development and People: The Global Journey towards Health for All: S02
  • Humanitarian Challenges in an Unequal World: S01
  • The Information Age: S02
  • An Introduction to Current Topics in Biology: S02
  • Physics and the Grand Challenges of Today: S02
  • Science and Civilisation in East Asia: S02
  • Science, the Media and the Public: S01
  • Science and the Modern World: S01
  • Science, Technology and Democracy: S01

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