Manchester Leadership Programme

The MLP is unique to the University of Manchester, and combines theory and real-world practice, to provide you with the opportunity to enhance your university experience, while giving something back to the wider community.

The programme also helps you to develop the skills and experiences that graduate employers seek.

Through the programme's academic units, students

  • Gain insights into the challenges facing 21st century society
  • Work with students from across the university
  • Explore how change happens, who makes it happen, and what this tells us about 21st century leadership
  • Learn directly from leading University of Manchester academics and high profile leaders from the public, private and voluntary sectors

Through the volunteering element of the programme, students

  • Apply learning about leadership in real-world, practical contexts
  • Meet new people, develop new skills
  • Give something back to the wider community

Students who successfully complete both programme elements receive the prestigious Manchester Leadership Programme (Bronze, Silver or Gold).


To achieve the Manchester Leadership Programme you will be required to complete:

1. A 10 or 20 Credit 'Leadership in Action' UCIL unit (four to choose from):

2. 15, 25 or 40 hours of approved volunteering, leading to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Manchester Leadership Programme.

You can count volunteering completed during the academic year you take the a Leadership in Action unit, plus volunteering you completed in the previous academic year. You can source your volunteering, and record the hours you complete, via the Volunteer Hub.

Our Volunteering team is also on hand to help you find suitable volunteering opportunities.

Full details of MLP volunteering criteria and dates, and how to access volunteering advice and guidance, are available on the MLP Volunteering homepage.

How to enrol

You can register for the MLP by enrolling on a Leadership in Action unit, in the same way that you enroll for other units, via the Student System.

If you experience difficulties enrolling on a Leadership in Action unit please contact your school or for support.

Before you enrol

  • If you enrol for the MLP you should be committed to undertaking the voluntary work.
  • Leadership in Action units are provided through University College for Interdisciplinary Learning. You will need to ensure that a UCIL unit is permitted within your Programme Regulations. If you are unsure, please check with your Academic Advisor or Undergraduate Office.
  • Note that the MLP is only available to University of Manchester undergraduate students.
  • If you need to change the unit you are enrolled on please email your request to