Find volunteering opportunities

As an MLP student, there are lots of opportunities available to you to volunteer via the University. You can find these via:

  • The Volunteering Hub

    This is your one stop shop for all volunteering opportunities run by the University. It lists the various initiatives in the University, the Students' Union, the Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery as well as the partner charities we work with and explains how students can get involved.

  • The Volunteering and Social Justice Week

    Every October, we hold the Volunteering & Social Justice Fair. This year, the Fair is being held over two days (12-13 October) at the Whitworth Hall. As well as hosting the Fair, throughout the week we are also holding a series of online talks and panel sessions, giving you the chance to meet and chat with volunteering organisations online.

The Volunteering and Community Engagement Team run Volunteer Days and Volunteer Projects throughout the year. These give you the opportunity to volunteer alongside other students within the local community.

If you have never volunteered before, are unsure what you want to do, or want to volunteer on an ad-hoc basis, a Volunteer Day is for you. These events are usually for a day and involve doing a one-off volunteering activity as part of a team. For example, planting a community orchard; painting a mural at a local primary school; stewarding at a community event or helping out at an afternoon tea party for older people. Travel to and from the event is often provided, but not always.

Volunteer Projects usually last three to six weeks, in which you often volunteer alongside other students to undertake a task or achieve an objective on behalf of a charity or community organisation.

For example, you may be involved in planning and running a marketing campaign, organising and running an activity session for a group of service users, implementing a stakeholder consultation project or developing a fundraising event.

Volunteer Days and Volunteer Projects are a great way to make a real difference and gain volunteering hours towards your MLP Certificate.

As an MLP student, you also will receive a weekly e-bulletin informing you of the latest volunteering opportunities available to you.

You book onto them using the Volunteering Hub directly.