UCIL Graduate Teaching Assistants

UCIL recruitment for Graduate Teaching Assistants is now closed. Further opportunities will not now be available until July 2023.


We recruit current PhD students every year who are interested in joining our pool of Graduate Teaching Assistants for a range of undergraduate course units. UCIL units are interdisciplinary and attract students from across the University. Applications from a broad range of discipline areas are welcome.

GTA responsibilities vary depending on the unit, but typically involve responsibility for tutoring groups of undergraduate students, leading online discussion groups, assessing students' work, and conducting face-to-face tutorials for some units.

UCIL GTAs are employed on a semester by semester basis. The average weekly working hours will vary from unit to unit, and will also vary over the semester, depending on tasks required. Some UCIL units are conducted entirely online whilst others will require GTAs to lead face to face seminars and tutorials. All UCIL units use innovative teaching, learning and assessment methodologies and training will be provided.

The number of posts available, and allocation of GTAs to units, are dependent on student numbers.

General Enquiries:
ucil@manchester.ac.uk (0161 275 2851)