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Communicating with Confidence

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Also available in Semester 1.

Applications to this unit close on Monday, 8 August.

Limited places are available for this unit and there is typically high demand, meaning we cannot allocate a place to everyone who applies.

To ensure fair access, we will be collating the applications we receive between now and Monday, 8 August and are randomly allocating places to students who have submitted an application within this window.

We will contact you on Friday, 12 August to let you know if your application has been selected, or if you will need to select an alternative unit.

Course Unit Details

  • Level 2
  • 10 Credits
  • Alliance Manchester Business School


The ability to communicate, with confidence and impact can have a significant influence on our success in every aspect of our lives: our study, our relationships and our career.

This unit starts from the belief that we all have a unique ability to communicate with charisma and impact, and that this ability is not innate but a skill which can be developed and learnt, meaning that anyone can learn to communicate with confidence.

Drawing on theories from biology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and techniques from the world of theatre and acting, the unit will support participants in learning how to manage nerves, communicate effectively and to engage with a wide variety of audiences.

The unit is a very interactive and practical one and participants learn through active engagement, as well as through group, and individual, tuition. In addition, the learning process will be tailored to the needs and experience of the participants.


This unit aims to support participants in identifying barriers to their ability to communicate with authenticity and power and to then provide a toolkit of techniques, within a supportive and friendly (whilst also challenging environment) which enable these barriers to be overcome. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines the unit will equip you with a range of techniques so that you may come across with confidence in a wide range of situations and contexts.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the unit you will be able to:

  • Describe the relationship between cognition, body language, speech and the audience
  • Analyse personal strengths and recognise areas for improvement with respect to communication
  • Have a toolkit of techniques which can be applied to manage anxiety and communicate with impact.
  • Manage yourself within challenging situations such as interviews and difficult conversations
  • Deliver a presentation, in front of an audience, with confidence and impact


  • Recognising and managing your 'inner critic'
  • Body Language
  • Vocal power and influence
  • Managing anxiety
  • Telling a powerful story
  • Engaging the audience
  • Interview technique
  • Vital conversations


  1. 12 minute presentation (47.5%)
  2. 2000 word reflective essay (47.5%)
  3. Completion of a number of short activities during the course. Mark will be awarded for participation and completion of activities and these include: posting an introduction on the discussion board, commenting on a colleagues presentation online, etc (5%)

In addition, you will be given formative feedback on your communication and reflective writing, via submissions to a formative journal.


UCIL units are designed to be accessible to undergraduate students from all disciplines.

UCIL units are credit-bearing and it is not possible to audit UCIL units or take them for additional/extra credits. You must enrol following the standard procedure for your School when adding units outside of your home School.

If you are not sure if you are able to enrol on UCIL units you should contact your School Undergraduate office. You may wish to contact your programme director if your programme does not currently allow you to take a UCIL unit.

You can also contact the UCIL office if you have any questions.

Teaching Staff

Elaine Clark

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • 10 x 2 hour face to face lectures
  • 1 x 30 min optional tutorial


Timetable TBC
Communicating with Confidence is a great course for everyone who values the power of speech and wants to communicate clearly and efficiently in both every day and professional contexts. Classes are inspiring and a close focus is placed on their practical aspect. You will be given a chance to polish your communication skills and receive valuable feedback from Elaine and fellow students through participation in engaging tasks.Patrycja Cybinska, MLBM (French)

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