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Embrace Learning Without Boundaries

So you’re an engineer. But are you also a humanitarian? You’re a historian. But are you also vital to developing new technology? The only limit to learning at Manchester is your own curiosity.

Look beyond your core academic discipline and take advantage of our flexible learning environment. We offer a wide range of interdisciplinary and international course units and extra-curricular opportunities, so you can develop fresh ways of looking at the problems you face and a new awareness of what inspires you.

Through Stellify, we focus on the real world impact of what we do. This includes everything from social justice, ethical leadership and community action to global connections and multicultural perspectives. Combined with interdisciplinary opportunities and collaborations, it all comes together to create valuable and diverse opportunities for you, our students.

You don't need to sign up for Stellify - but you do need to act. Do more; Be more.

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