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Embrace Learning Without Boundaries

At Manchester you’ll find a whole host of transformational academic and extracurricular activities to help you do more and be more which form part of Stellify.

'Stellify' means 'to change, or be changed, into a star'. We want all our students to 'stellify' themselves at Manchester – to take on fresh challenges, meet and work with a wide range of people and perspectives, contribute to local and global communities, tackle issues of global importance and gain new skills through hands-on activities, in order to become the best graduate they can be.

UCIL is one of the 5 key parts of Stellify under Learn without boundaries:

  • Learn without boundaries: Enjoy interdisciplinary, international and entrepreneurial study options as part of your degree via UCIL.

The other four parts of Stellify are:

  • Understand the issues that matter: Become ethically, socially and politically informed on some of humanity’s most pressing global issues as part of Ethical Grand Challenges.
  • Make a difference – Volunteer: Contribute to and learn from local and global communities through volunteering.
  • Step up and lead: Gain confidence and experience by assisting and inspiring your peers.
  • Create your future: Explore countless opportunities for professional career development.

Students who complete all 3 Ethical Grand Challenges, 40 hours of approved volunteering and two Step up and Lead roles will receive the Stellify Award on graduation. The Stellify Award is our most prestigious extra-curricular accolade.

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