The UCIL Teaching and Learning Panel

The UCIL Teaching and Learning Panel is responsible for the development, delivery, assessment and monitoring of UCIL’s teaching and learning activities, in line with UCIL’s overall strategy and aims.


  • Ensure that the UCIL unit portfolio remains consistent with the vision for UCIL as set out by the Academic Board;
  • Provide academic input to the development of the UCIL unit portfolio;
  • Approve new UCIL units;
  • Oversee information provided to students, academic and PSS staff, including handbooks, unit descriptions and the website;
  • Review student numbers and take action as appropriate;
  • Receive unit survey results, unit convenor responses, and take action where appropriate;
  • Ensure that UCIL units meet the University’s quality assurance and enhancement requirements;
  • Monitor assessment process and Examination Board activities;
  • Manage annual monitoring and review, including SEAP and Periodic Reviews.
  • Consideration of appointment of External Examiners
  • Ensure that the student voice and student input is heard
  • Listen to feedback from student focus groups
  • To complete any other roles and functions as may become apparent through the panel


Current membership:

  • Academic Director (Chair)
  • Student Development Administrator (Secretary)
  • Head of Student Development
  • Student Engagement Officer
  • One representative from each Faculty
  • Up to six unit conveners to represent the full range of units
  • Three UCIL student representatives


The Teaching and Learning Panel reports to the UCIL Academic Board.

The Panel meets three times per year.