UCIL Taster Units

UCIL is the University College for Interdisciplinary Learning, which enables undergraduates to study beyond the boundaries of their degree programme. UCIL has been at the forefront of delivering online units for over a decade. These taster units give you a chance to find out how UCIL’s online units work.

Trust and Security in a Digital World: From Fake News to Cybercriminals

Rapid advances in technology and connectivity have led to new opportunities in every aspect of life, from manufacturing, finance and retail, to education, media, and politics. Digital technologies and services profoundly influence our lives and improve our world in countless ways. But these advances also raise challenges.

This taster version of the UCIL unit ‘Trust and Security in a Digital World: From Fake News to Cyber Criminals’ explores the risks to security in our super-connected, data-driven world and what can be done to preserve trust in our digital environment. The taster is delivered online via Blackboard and includes contributions from leading researchers, both from Manchester and external to the University.

The taster will take you around an hour to work through.

Creating a Sustainable World

‘Creating a Sustainable World’ gives you a chance to find out about sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals and, more importantly, what you can do to make a difference.

In this taster version of ‘Creating a Sustainable World’, you’ll be able to sample interactive exercises, activities and videos featuring just a few of the 80 people from across the world who contributed to the unit, including academics and people working on the frontline of sustainable development. This taster isn’t assessed but you will find suggestions for ways in which you can further your understanding and lots of information about practical action you can take to make change.

The taster will take you around an hour to work through.

To enrol in these taster units, follow these instructions:

1) Click on this link: UCIL Taster Units

2) Log into Blackboard. You will see a message that says ‘Access to this resource is prohibited’. This is because you are not yet enrolled – you can ignore this message.

3) Click on enrol in the column on the left (it has a green + in front of it).

4) Enter the access code - UCIL202021 - and click submit

5) You should see a message that starts with ‘Success…’ Click OK.

6) You can then select which taster unit you would like to work through in the column on the left.