How to enrol on UCIL units

You can enrol on UCIL units using the Course Unit Selection System, in the same way as you do for all other units, with the exception of Communicating with Confidence and Leadership of Learning (see note below*).

UCIL Course unit enrolment opens for the next academic year when your School's enrolment opens. Your School will send you the open dates and times for your programme and the deadline to finish enrolling, so please check, as it may differ from the University-wide dates.

Guidance on how to use the new course unit section system can be found here:

When you access the Course Unit Selection System, you should be able to see all the courses you are eligible to take, including optional units such as UCIL units.

If you can’t see UCIL units listed, please contact your School and also email to let us know.

*Places are limited on the following units:

If you have any other questions about enrolling on a UCIL unit, please email