The purpose of the Academic Board

The Academic Board is responsible for the Strategic Development of UCIL in line with the University’s Strategy for Teaching, Learning and the Student Experience – specifically focusing on ‘No boundaries to learning’ and ‘Promoting interdisciplinary learning’.


  • To define, articulate and widely communicate the vision and strategic direction of UCIL, including developing an ongoing Plan of Action with clear and measurable goals;
  • To ensure that students are provided with a broad range of appropriate, high quality units that match the aims and vision of UCIL;
  • To promote and encourage uptake of UCIL units across all parts of the University;
  • Oversight of the UCIL Teaching and Learning Panel;
  • Oversight of the UCIL Examination Board;
  • Management and allocation of physical and financial resources.


  • Academic Director (Chair)
  • Student Development Administrator (Secretary)
  • Head of Student Development
  • Head of Teaching, Learning and Student Development
  • Two Faculty Representatives FSE
  • Two Faculty Representatives, HUMS
  • Two Faculty Representatives, BMH
  • University Library Representative
  • University of Manchester Students’ Union Representative – Education Officer
  • Up to four co-opted members with specific remits – e.g. pedagogy, blended learning

Role of Members:

  • Actively contribute to discussion and decision making for the good of the University and UCIL, without Faculty bias;
  • Represent the views of their Faculty as appropriate;
  • Be an active ambassador for UCIL within their Faculty;
  • Cascade information about UCIL within their Faculty as appropriate.


The Board will report to the Vice-President of Teaching and Learning and Students

The Academic Board meets 3 times per year.