UCIL Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC)

UCIL values feedback from students about the content of units and overall student experience of taking a UCIL unit. The main channel for communicating this feedback is through our student representatives on the Student Staff Liaison Committee. The committee meets once each semester and comprises student reps, the Academic Director of UCIL and members of the UCIL Teaching and Learning Panel.


  1. To discuss any matter relating to the experience of students in UCIL
  2. Student representatives to make recommendations to the Academic Director of UCIL and unit convenors.
  3. To receive feedback on actions taken in response to requests or information provided by students through their representatives, as well as that provided from other sources such as National Student Survey, unit surveys or the Students’ Union.


  • Students from across all three Faculties who have taken a UCIL unit (approx. 12 students)
  • Members of Teaching and Learning Panel