The Digital Presentation

This reflective element is the final step towards achieving the Manchester Global Challenge. It represents the culmination of all your thinking during the UCIL course linking to the Challenge and your international/intercultural encounters.

For the reflective element you will create a digital presentation which articulates your learning in ways which will inform and capture the interest of others. It should be an artefact you wish to share with others, both as a means of demonstrating your employability in a globalized world and because you think it conveys something that will be useful/important to others.


1. Elements of the digital presentation :

Your digital presentation should be divided into three parts where you reflect on:

1) The intercultural skills/skills for global citizenship you feel you have acquired from the 10 credit course you have taken and the approved period of international/intercultural experience (our use of the word 'skill' encompasses thinking skills, communication skills).

In doing so think about how the skills you have gained have impacted on:

i) your perceptions of the world around you;

ii) your communications in the World;

iii) your actions in the World.

You should be concise, distilling your thinking as much as possible.

2) How you have put these skills to good use.

This differs from 1 above in that it asks you to give a specific instance of where you have already used these skills prior to commencing the presentation.

3) How you feel these skills will be useful in your future life, whether personally, professionally or for the good of society.

This is your opportunity to convey the value of the skills you have acquired to others, e.g.: to a future employer; to the people you would like to positively influence and engage with.

2. Our expectations:

Our expectations are that you will put obvious thoughtful effort into the presentation with rich insights into your development as a global citizen and intercultural communicator.

The presentation will include a digital spoken element.

3. The presentations archive:

We would like to form an archive of students' work (with the permission of students) so do remember that you are creating your presentation for potential audiences, both the audiences you have in your own mind and future students.

4. Submissions:

Upcoming submission dates are:


Tuesday 10th October 5pm

Wednesday 21st Feb 5pm
Wednesday 6th Jun 5pm
Wednesday 10th Oct 5pm

Example of Digital Presentation

2014 Manchester Global Challenge presentation