Why take the Global Challenge?

The Global Challenge is a new and exciting opportunity to contextualise, develop and formalise learning from intercultural experiences while at the University of Manchester.

First delivered by UCIL in 2014/15 the Global Challenge aims to enable you to communicate effectively across cultures, thereby preparing you to compete in an increasingly diverse and international job market.

What Global Challenge graduates say:

About the Challenge:

"After graduating I joined a global graduate IT employer. Discussing the Global Challenge in my interview gave me an edge and developed my employer’s interest in me. Team work is a very important part of my profession, so I spoke about cultural sensitivity and the effective communication methods that I learnt in the Intercultural Communication unit and through the international volunteering that I participated in during the Challenge."

Delma George (Global Challenge graduate)

About the 'Global' units:

"Its completely outside the realms of what I usually study but I feel the course has been immensely valuable. Starting off the unit by considering different Global Issues has given me a different global perspective."

('Global Citizenship & Sustainability' student feedback)